Trade with Experts or Earn on Auto-Pilot!



Pick from one or three options for you to make money, create real, passive, lasting income.

Automated IconAutomated

We now have 3 professional traders that can help you gain interest automatically. We have 2 short term traders who work daily and 1 long term trader who holds monthly, both with sustainable growth and to help you gain real profits.

Automated IconInteractive

Take trades with us in the Forex market. We have a special telegram trade room where we will be executing mainly short term trades. Take the same trades as us and profit.

Automated IconReferral Commissions

Make up to 6% in referral commissions EACH time your referral makes a deposit!


We are experienced entrepreneurs targeting online traders and marketers to spread wealth and knowledge. We give you recommendations to help you profit online with valuable information and money making platforms. We help you profit with interest plans and automated and interactive money making systems. Every strategy and plan is implemented at your own risk.


The Entrepreneur Headquarters Profit Packages

Automated Plan

Up to 2% a Day

1-2 Year Duration

Includes the following features:

Daily Plans For Year or More Starting at $1
Daily Plans Maximum $1,000,000
Variable Daily Plans up to 2%
100% Hands Free
Instant Withdraws

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Interactive Plan

50%+ Weekly (will vary)

Profits Every Week Traded

Includes the following features:

Trade the same trades interactively with 2 traders in the TEH trade room!
No Referrals Needed
Fast Withdraws via Your Broker

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Why Us

  • Guided Success
  • 3 Real Traders Making Profit
  • Fast Withdraws
  • Reliable Website
  • High Security
  • Real People, Real Profit


Features and platforms will be created both in the marketing and investment departments of The Entreprenuer Headquarters

Proven Trading StradagiesProven TEH Trading Strategies

Learn trading techniques that TEH implements for trading. Learn basic trading vocabulary and understand how the market works.

Automated IconAutoresponder

This is a unique company auto-responder. The company takes care of your email marketing campaigns automatically when a landing page is used in your account. Whenever a landing page is used and a lead is captured, the company automatically sends your lead follow up messages.

Automated IconHigh Quality Landing Pages

Most marketing companies have landing pages, but our landing pages are linked to the special company auto-responder, with built in email marketing campaigns. 5 high quality landing page for anyone to use with the referral link to the investment headquarters to build a marketing list and run successful email marketing campaigns.

Automated IconMarketing Anylitics and Training

Be able to check your referral link visitor statistics, track progress, and also get marketing training on proven successful strategies used by TEH.